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General Engineering

The Engineering Department consists of sections responsible for the execution of the detailed engineering in a professional manner, consistent with the project requirements of quality, timely execution and budget. These specialised sections convert the process data into detailed drawings, specifications and requisitions, necessary for the purchase of equipment and materials, and for the construction of the facilities. Excess Engineers and Designers have the experience and know-how to reduce project costs and to improve construction schedules by re-application and/or modification of surplus equipment, piping, instrumentation, structural steel and electrical equipment in accordance with the client’s specifications and project design basis. The functions of each group are described below:
Mechanical engineering is responsible for preparing mechanical specifications, data for inquiry documents, technical evaluation of bids, preparation of refurbishing and modification specifications and assistance in commissioning the equipment supplied for the plant. All types of equipment are specified by this section, including pressure vessels, towers, beat exchangers, rotating equipment, fired heaters, packaged units and other types of equipment. This group also prepares the specifications required to modify a surplus equipment item to meet new process design conditions.
Piping engineering and design is responsible for the design of the complete piping system. This includes pipe specifications, plant labour and equipment arrangements, orthographic drawings, isometrics, pipe stress and specifications speciality items. Careful consideration is always given to economics, maintenance.
Complete engineering, procurement, construction and start-up service for gas processing plants, refineries, chemical and fertiliser plants. Specialising in the utilisation of re-manufactured and surplus equipment to reduce initial capital investment. Complete plant operations capabilities are supplied by our experienced staff