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The refining and sales of the refined product is mainly conducted through our Chinese outlets such as Sinopec and Sinochem, which we market in modest volumes.

Excess Oil & Gas always supplies its clients on an FOB basis using a set discount of the “Platt’s” quotations. This ensures a constant discounted price throughout the term of the contract. Occasionally we will enter into a CIF contract providing the partners are well known to Excess but the parameters of the discount structure remain unaltered.

Excess Oil & Gas offers to all its customers the many years of marketing, sales and contractual matters in the management of oil contracts. For example through long years of negotiation and experience are contracts have become simple and straightforward. Through our connections we offer long-term continuity of supply through long-term contracts.

The Customer has the security of paying by letter of credit, which can only be collected when the goods have been collected from the port of lading. We also pay through letters of credit thereby giving our customers the security of having a guaranteed payment. Our terms of payment for our customers are a 1-day payment period due to the fact that our payments are guaranteed and backed up with the letters of credit gives all parties involved total security of delivery and payment.


Provides administrative, financial, legal, accounting and advertising services reviews, thus lending his expertise to the project team ensuring that the total construction effort functions smoothly.

Excess Oil & Gas principal business approach is to take total responsibility for the supply, engineering and construction of major ventures. Our capabilities range from projects of £250,000 to multi-million dollar capital cost. Excess Oil & Gas will do everything from small re-vamps of control systems to design and construction of major process units.